Florist French Collection

Our French Floral Collection features flower designs that are chic, trendy and built to impress.

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Beau Cadeau

Beau Cadeau $175.00

Spiral Roses

Spiral Roses $175.00

Chic Vivant

Chic Vivant $185.00


Deborde $200.00


Joyeuse $225.00


Artistique $240.00

Looking to send flowers to that special someone for a birthday or anniversary?     Popular among our Boca Raton customers, these flower arrangements have received many accolades for their breathtaking visual appeal!  Emphasis is placed on artistry, craftsmanship, detail and style.  The demand for upscale flower designs that excite the senses and transform a room into a fragrant garden has led to the creation of these exclusive flower bouquets.  Celebrate any occasion with these eye-catching designs featuring hydrangeas, viburnum, peonies, tulips, iris, lilies, calla lilies, sunflowers, garden roses and more. Reminiscent of the lush, soft beauty of the English and French gardens and countryside fields,  these make the perfect gift for the romantic traveler!  Same day delivery is available for most of these items.